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Tega alias Bigstar alias Vulcaan Fayah visited the Backstage Office to talk about his carreer. Tega is an artist from Suriname who mainly focusses on Raggae and Dancehall music. On a musical platform, he has tested different waters and knows which way he wants to go now.


Matawai Generation

Tega makes music since he was 12 years old. It all started in Matawai, the village in Suriname where he is from. Here, he got inspired by Raggae and Dancehall music since he was little. His parents played this and this way he learned a lot about it. “I didn't understand everything, but I felt those vibes and sang along.” The Jamaican artists where such an inspiration, that he began to make music himself. He did this by starting in a Kawinaband. “Firstly, I began to drum here, after that, I sang for the band. This way, I discovered that I can sing.” When he was 14 years old, he left to Paramaribo. Here, his family member Alka gave him beats which they began to flow on. They did this in their own language, Matawai.

With the band he sang for, Youth Sedation, he performed nationally. They did this at the cafe next to his mom's own store. The comments of the passengers were mostly positive. They decided to release a cd which again attracted good comments. One day they performed, on an event President Bouterse was attending. He thought they sounded good and invited them to perform on an event. On the event, they performed with many big artists from Suriname, Op het event stonden zij met veel grote Surinaamse artiesten, like Papa Touwtjie. Bouterse has arranged some good connections and sponsored money. This way the band could release another cd. After this cd, everyone got older. They lost the connections with Bouterse and everyone went their own direction.


Bigstar Tega

A family member named Auki, didn't agree with the splitting of the Youth Sedation. He wanted to hear the music they made again. He said, “Your music makes me feel good about myself. You make Jamaican music, but then in our own language, Matawai!” Tega liked this, because making music has always been his love, but in Suriname, it was difficult to live of the music.“At first, we did it for fun.” Auki sent them to the studio and made sure they made music. After making this cd, the band quitted once again.
Now it was time for Tega to think about himself. Another family member named Tallman pointed out that not only he wanted to sponsor him, but also manage him. This way, Tega started to think of his own carreer more. He got in contact with the artist Jo-Ann from Suriname. Firstly, Tega wanted to know who she was and if they connect. They connected and together they made music. Despite being busy with his own carreer, Tega has never forgot his background. Matawai Generation. He also involved Alka, Tadja and Delta in the musical proces and this way they became much more well known in Suriname. 

There was this one moment where Tega got an invitation to go to the Netherlands. At first, he didn't want to. Everything and everyone he loved was in Suriname. He was still young and what could the Netherlands offer him? When the time came to go to the Netherlands, he then struggled with the changes. “The vibe in the Netherlands is different.” He still managed to build up his life here. From Suriname, he heard how good his music was being delivered. People kept pushing him to not stop making music. They looked up to him. Because of this, he decided to pick it up again. In the beginning this wasn't easy. To errupt in the Netherlands, it is usual to sing in Dutch. “I've learned myself to speak Dutch through talking with family and friends.” In the village where he grew up, people spoke Matawai (Marron language) and Sranan Tongo. This way he didn't command Dutch that well. Tega has always supported taking care of his family with love, which resulted in him not getting the chance to study. He tried the Dutch language for a while, but this was not his thing. “Ik like pure. You have to do what makes you feel good.” He likes Suriname music in Matawai. He also doesn't want to let down the build- up fanbase that he got with this style.


Vulcano Fayah

At the moment, he is busy with clearing up the way of his carreer. He is always looking at the progress of Matawai Generation as well. Everything is now in line for him, he can be himself now. The thinking proces that he used to have about the Netherlands has changed. He managed to develop himself and knows that this was neccesary. He does travel regularly between the Netherlands and Belgium, even to Suriname. He does this for performances and parties that he organises. Performing is something he really enjoys. The different vibes of the different countries. “The blessings that you get from the audience, amazing!” For him, it is nice that he can express himself with his voice. “It is important to righteous share things with people.” To bring his music to a higher level, he works with different Raggae/Dancehall artists like Jah Mason. He has further future plans to make music with Anthony B, Sizzla and Capleton.  He also throws Dutch and English in his songs now. He does always process a bit of Matawai in it. That is his characteristic, “this way people know oh na Tega!” Tega is ready to bring good dancehall music into the Netherlands. We are curious what he is coming with. 


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